Bosmaninspecties is an experienced inspection agency
in the field of wind energy
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2 Extensive expertise
in the field of wind installations, technical constructions and
maintenance techniques.
3 Including:
Completion Inspections, End of warranty inspections, Maintenance Checks, Generator Measurements and Thermographic inspections, but also for employing in-service training.
3 For trouble shooting,
damage expertise and second opinion.
3 Reliable partner
between owner / managers and electricity suppliers.
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Hietweideweg 45 7391 RA Twello, Netherlands, tel. 0031 - (0)571 75 02 02,
GSM: 0031 - (0)6 4843 43 05
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Bosmaninspecties has expertise in wind installations, technical construction and maintenance techniques. In addition, substantial experience in the increasingly important power electronics and control. Since 2003, much experience in performing quality inspections and maintenance in the wind industry.

Examples are:

  • Inspection during production of steel and concrete wind turbine towers, including associated used coating systems and their applications.
  • Inspection of electrical connections, generators and power electronics among other things: converter boxes, filters and transformers.
  • Inspection and assessment of damages, to act as interlocutor for the owner/manager to the (far) suppliers. Also monitor the proper implementation of repairs and other restoration work.

Our clients include windpark owners, such as utilities, project developers, wind cooperatives, individuals and insurers.

Bosmaninspecties is member of NWEA, EWEA and HHWE

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